Wednesday, May 31, 2023

South Africa Grants Putin Diplomatic Immunity To Attend The BRICS Summit In August


The Guardian: South Africa grants Putin and Brics leaders diplomatic immunity for summit 

ICC warrant for Russian president’s arrest issued in March over alleged war crimes in Ukraine 

South Africa has issued blanket diplomatic immunity to all leaders attending an August summit, meaning Vladimir Putin might be able to travel to Johannesburg and not fear the country acting on an international criminal court warrant for his arrest. 

South African officials insisted the broad offer of immunity, issued in a government gazette, may not trump the ICC arrest warrant. As an ICC member, South Africa would be under pressure, and possibly under a legal requirement, to arrest Putin. The court issued a warrant for his arrest in March over the alleged forcible deportation of children from Ukraine to Russia.  

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WNU Editor: I expected this legal move by South Africa. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa wants Putin to attend this summit. And to no one's surprise, there is some South African opposition to it .... Arrest Putin, South Africa’s opposition urges government ( 

South Africa Grants Putin Diplomatic Immunity To Attend The BRICS Summit In August

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