Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Russia Claims It Has Destroyed Ukraine's 'Last Warship'

The Ship Yury Olefirenko © Konstantin Sazonchik/TASS  

Moscow Times: Russia Says Destroyed Ukraine’s ‘Last Warship’ 

Russia’s Defense Ministry said Wednesday it had “destroyed” what it claimed was Ukraine’s last warship. 

The landing ship Yuri Olefirenko was struck by “high-precision” Russian Aerospace Forces weaponry in the Black Sea port of Odesa on Monday, the Defense Ministry said in a daily briefing. 

It was not immediately possible to verify Moscow’s assertion and Kyiv has not yet commented on the claim. 

Ukrainian naval forces spokesman Oleh Chalyk declined to comment on the claim specifically, but said he "did not recommend paying attention" to Russian sources. 

The Yuri Olefirenko is a medium-sized landing ship for troops and vehicles.  

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 Russia Claims It Has Destroyed Ukraine's 'Last Warship'  

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Anonymous said...

Imagine how much the US Navy would embarrass the Russian navy.

Anonymous said...

there were two NCOs, they hated each other..

One day, they got into an argument and one said ,

I should beat your ass.

The other said,

You MIGHT beat my ass, but don't think you are going to walk away without a bloody nose.

Be careful what you wish for.