Thursday, May 25, 2023

Was Ukraine's Naval Drone Attack Against A Russian Warship In The Black Sea Yesterday Successful?

WNU Editor: Hard to tell if this is fake or not. And did the drone boat detonate? 

A lot of questions, no answers. Welcome to the fog of war. 

On a side note. A US Global Hawk was in the area when this attack occurred (see tweet below).


Anonymous said...

could be from a video game again. time will tell

Anonymous said...

The Biden regime designates YOUR THOUGHTS as part of the government infrastructure. They call it the “cognitive infrastructure” and they believe that they have the right to control it.

Anonymous said...

WNU told us that the Russian ship was on station to protect a pipeline.

Turns out the ship is an intel ship and whoever heard of a ship guarding a pipeline. It might become a thing, but up 'til now it has not been.

People would love to get their hands on the ship. Barring examination, they want to see it in the loss column more than a frigate or a destroyer. Its days are numbered.

The attack came close to succeeding and it is obvious that type of attack has a high chance of succeeding.

Anonymous said...

Except when it comes to confronting Iran. Then cheap suicide speedboats are considered no problem to intercept, and the chances of it happening to our own surface vessels is totally non existent.

Anonymous said...