Thursday, May 25, 2023

Is Poland Preparing To Invade Belarus?

Eastern Herald: Poland prepares to invade Belarus 

Warsaw has not hidden its aggressive intentions towards Belarus for many years, calling it a “defense of democracy”. The construction of ammunition depots and the exercises of the Polish army tankers to force the river near the Polish-Belarusian border are logically part of this process. 

“Belarusian” media have been operating on the territory of Poland for a long time, and several years ago, after an unsuccessful coup attempt in Belarus during the 2020 presidential elections, even a “government in exile” headed by a president” appeared there, receiving money from Polish taxpayers. Warsaw has been handing out “Polish cards” to everyone for a decade and ruthlessly interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.  

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WNU Editor: A Polish reader gave me a heads-up on the above story. He believes that Poland is trying to ferment an uprising/revolt/revolution like the 2014 Maiden Revolution in Ukraine that will justify a Polish military intervention.

I have some doubts. My gut tells me that Poland is more focused on what is happening in Ukraine right now, and not Belarus.  

Update: Oh Oh! It looks like Polish reader is onto something .... General says Poland must prepare for uprising in Belarus (European Pravda). More here .... Ex-army chief says Poland must prepare for uprising in Belarus (Anadolu Agency).


Anonymous said...


Unrest And Riots In Belarus After Presidential Election

Will Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko Be Defeated When Voters Go To The Polls On August 9?

WNU Editor: "Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is a master at fixing elections. I do not think he is going to be defeated by these challengers."

Has 'People Power' Failed In Places Like Minsk, Caracus, And Hong Kong?

WNU Editor: Belarus, Venezuela, Hong Kong .... when the government has the will to stay in power and it has the support of the intelligence and security forces, people power is not enough to change the government. It is only when the general population have made the decision to match the "cracking of heads" that the government is imposing on everyone that everything changes.

Unfortunately for places like Venezuela, Belarus, or Hong Kong right now, that critical point has not been reached. The central governments are still in the driver's seat.

Poland sensing revolt brewing or helping it along, I am all for it.

1) the people of Belarus deserve a decent government.

2) Russia loses its military trainers if Belarus falls. Putin went Hitler on the military trainers. Putin did t them what Hitler did to rocket techs. Hitler sent them to the Leningrad Front to achieve immanent victory.

3) the Relarussians can then help us out of out tyrannical regime.

Anonymous said...

Not happening. This would involve a major NATO allies invading a major Russian allies.
A recipe for disaster

Anonymous said...

If you don't want a disaster, Russia and China a should quit stirring the pot.

Anonymous said...

So , 3:51. The Poles are a sovereign country. The Belarus is a sovereign country.

If the poles decide to attack Belarus how are the Russians and Chinese involved.

You comment is nonsensical.

Anonymous said...

Now you are being treated with your own medicine.

Anonymous said...

Russia has never stopped stirring the or since the 30's except for short breathers.

I have no problem with what the US has done except for Obama.

Iraq had it coming. Iraq waged aggressive war on the Kurds, Shia Iraqis, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Israel. They also attempted to assassinate George H.W. Bush. Further, they provided facilities and trained a few PLO terror groups.

In view of that when they make other hyperbolic and bellicose claims we do not have to treat them as unlikely. They make serious claims and they were a polcie state which makes getting information tough. That is on them,.

Se we took over and had auctions for Iraqi oil. The Chinese won a lot of it. So Iraqis are getting paid top dollar or reminbi for their oil.

Anonymous said...

lol good one

Anonymous said...

It's insane how many of you couch potatoes see yourself as being at war with WNU, with him being on the Russian side and yourselves being on the Ukrainian side. That's extremely effective brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

Well buddy, I have been to war twice. I don't sit on a couch, but if I do that is my prerogative. I am actually at the kitchen table. Kitchens by the way are something that communists in Russia wanted to outlaw. You guys come up with some real stinkers.

WNU is a propagandist. What do you expect?

Hans Persson said...

Russian propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Anti kitchen communists. Yep you’re the sane one here.

Anonymous said...

"In the decades following the 1917 Russian Revolution, among myriad other indignities heaped upon the Russian populace, Soviet leaders embarked upon a concerted effort to root out, of all things, individual kitchens."

I read about somewhere else. it was a Russian source I believe. But this source will do.

BTW chucklehead my spouse grew up a communist. So kiss off.