Monday, November 20, 2023

U.S. Defence Secretary Austin Makes A Surprise Visit To Ukraine


Axios: Defense Secretary Austin makes surprise visit to Ukraine 

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin made an unannounced visit to Ukraine on Monday to "reinforce the staunch support of the United States for Ukraine's fight for freedom" against Russia, the Pentagon said.  

Why it matters: His meetings with Ukrainian leaders came on the cusp of what's expected to be another tough winter of fighting for Ukraine after its summer counter-offensive gave way to a stalemate with Russian forces. 

* During its counter-offensive, Ukraine expended large amounts of artillery, ammunition and some fighting vehicles. Kyiv has said its forces need additional military supplies to counter Russia. 

* However, political chaos in Congress and opposition from some Republicans have stalled President Biden's request for additional military aid for Ukraine.  

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WNU Editor: This visit by Austin follows CIA Director Burn's visit last week to Kyiv. These visits to Kyiv are only being done to reassure Ukrainian officials that the US will continue to support Ukraine's war effort. But the problem with all of these visits by US officials is that for the past few weeks there has been no announcements of any new military aid. Just promises. It is an understatement to say that people in Kyiv are getting nervous.

 U.S. Defence Secretary Austin Makes A Surprise Visit To Ukraine 

US Defense Secretary Austin meets with Zelenskyy in Kyiv to show steadfast support for Ukraine -- AP

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US defense secretary meets with Zelenskyy in Kyiv to show steadfast support for Ukraine --  

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Defense Secretary Austin makes unannounced visit to Kyiv for high-level talks on US support -- ABC News  

U.S. Defense Secretary Austin makes unannounced visit to Ukraine -- DNYUZ/NBC  

Defense secretary Austin arrives in Kyiv in surprise visit meant to reemphasize support for Ukraine -- CNN  

US Secretary of Defense Makes Surprise Visit to Kyiv -- VOA


Anonymous said...

Sure Secretary Austin, sure Joe Biden, go ahead an bankrupt the United States for billions and billions more to support a war that's none of our business! I hope President Trump will have all these assholes arrested for treason!

Anonymous said...

nearly serviceable Bradleys being cut up in Texas....
Sell them to Ukraine at scrap prices, nope. cut them up...
What a fucking joke we have become
What the hell is wrong with Biden???????????????????????????????

It costs money to dispose of military gear. It would cost the same or less to ship it to Ukraine.

Biden and Austin are stingy with the gear.

They are liars!

Anonymous said...

comments here get increasingly funny and nutty. Trump the traitor indicted for trying to overturn an election is to deal with Biden et al as traitors?

Anonymous said...

Dear 12:29,
Did you not get the memo? Russia is no longer focusing short term in creating dissent on the public commons, but is focusing on long term influence ops.

Please check your mail.

sincerely the FSB

Anonymous said...

Trump is going to be the next President, and Democrap heads are going to roll.

Anonymous said...

Your an idiot the amount given to Ukraine is a pittance when you look at the US GDP. Better to help a country get its freedom from a tyrant. Just like the French and Dutch did agianst great Britian to help the United States of Ametica the land of the free for the war for independence. God Bless America.