Monday, November 20, 2023

Ukraine President Zelensky Fires Another Senior General

President Zelensky with Major General Ostashchenko (center). (Wikimedia Commons/President Of Ukraine)  

Express: Zelensky sacks top general demanding immediate battlefield changes to unlock stalemate 

Volodymyr Zelensky fired a top general today amid a dire situation on the frontlines in Ukraine. 

The news comes as the President met with US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin, Volodymyr Zelensky sacked one of Ukraine's top generals amid an increasingly dire situation on the frontlines. 

While Kyiv has effectively stopped Russia's invasion force from advancing in the country, it has largely failed to recapture significant territory from Russia risking a stalemate in the conflict.  

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WNU Editor: This was written a few weeks ago .... Zelensky is at war – with his generals (Asia Times).   

Update: The purges continue .... Ukraine sacks top cyber defence officials amid graft probe (Reuters).  

Ukraine President Zelensky Fires Another Senior General  

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Anonymous said...

Russia is much better. There are few firings. Just senior generals dying at home with their wives or falling out the window.

Hitler did not fire the toadies on his staff. Putler follows his example.

Anonymous said...

Putin did the same thing. WNU then swept it aside as not noteworthy.

Ukraine does it and its a 'purge'.

Anonymous said...

Teplinsky was replaced by Makarevich in JAN 2023, who was replaced with Teplinski

Putin cannot make up his mind.

Anonymous said...

Vatnik blue pill warning. Make sure you have your health care premiums paid up!

‼️ Russians have advised the occupying civil authorities to evacuate Oleshky on the left bank

The situation seems to deteriorate faster than anticipated by the Russians and the 'Kyiv in 3 days' crowd among reports of Ukrainian commandos operating behind the E97

Anonymous said...

Russia issued an arrest warrant against Ukrainian Crimean Tatar singer Jamala. She was born 1983 in Kyrgyzstan' Osh, Moscow-occupied Central Asia where Tatars were kept since 1944 deportation until the collapse of the USSR.

Ukrainians + Tatars > Russians in Crimea. Lets have a plebiscite.

I think Crimea as part of Ukraine was bad move in the 1950s. It should have been Russian. But Russians have been such assholes, lets have a plebiscite after the Russian military is kicked out like running dogs and decide the issue. It will go Ukrainian.

Anonymous said...

Nov 2023 and you're still writing fantasy about Ukrainian Crimea. Holy smokes. They're gonna be lucky if they get to keep Kiev buddy.

Anonymous said...

Some of you buddies have gone. You are going to be lonely until your number comes up and you join the mobiki.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen
Here is a Russian trench
They are collecting for snorkeling equipment while we collect for FPV drones...

Anonymous said...

It’s about stealing from Mother Russia not crimethink dingbat

Anonymous said...

Lincoln cannot make up his mind. Washington can’t make up his mind.
You fuckin bum.

Anonymous said...

“I think Crimea is not part of Ukraine, but I take the irredentist position anyway. And also some terrorist bitch was arrested

Anonymous said...

I think you should be sent to a penal camp in Antarctica.

Crimea was 42% to 49% Russian before Stalin began his purges. The Russian percentage was not greater than 25% until the 1860s. Helluva lot of Tatars in Crimea. I think they should get a vote. Therefore my position. I should think they would vote for someone whose main military strategy has not always been cannonfodderland.

I know the history of Crimea going back to the Greeks over 2,000 year ago. Please try to keep up.