Thursday, January 18, 2024

Russia - Ukraine War News Updates -- January 18, 2023 (Videos)


WNU Editor: Not a good day for Ukraine. Russian advancements are being reported at numerous sections along the frontlines.


Anonymous said...

Russia lost a Project 1241 Molniya (Молния / Lightning ) class missile corvette, while it was in port at Sevastopol.

I would like WNU travel the world and let people know he is Russian and damn proud of it. He could visit .. Nepal!

He could explain to the good citizens there why Nepalese had to fight Russia's war for it, while his clan sat it out and rooted from the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

Sunken Russian corvette found in Crimean port, likely hit in drone strikes, Ukrainian partisans say

Anonymous said...


you are really lacking for information. that corvette was hit quite a while back.


So that's all you have to say, when the whole front line is moving west? That is pathetic skods.

And How about those 150 troops that refused to go to Krynky?

How about Krynky itself ?

That whole bridge head is GONE. GONE Skods!!!

Another huge Ukie defeat that you predicted would a major victory and the beginning of a new major offensive. !!!

I told you, you go back over to the intel desk and Jap slap those idiots. They are making you look like a fool.

Ukraine will be defeated.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the gains at Avdiivka in 3 places. No much except that Russian finished taking the industrial area.

I see that the Russian conducted EW exercise in Occupied Kaliningrad. it knock out GP in the Eastern half of Poland and the Sulawesi Gap. i think you made some friends. The Poles were instrumental in winning WW2. Funny though, the Russians stabbed the Poles in 1939 and then again in 1945. All the FSB can do by way of apology is call it a pass through nation.

You made some friends with actions and talk like that. The Poles will fuck you up.

Krinky never had a bridge. Yet it is still there and Russian elements of the regimental level are still being decimated. The Ukrainians only have a battalion there. the Russians have lost a lot of EW assets in Kherson. Crimea is mostly blind as a result. Please send another A-50 to cover Crimea's ass.

Ukrainians will tear the Russian ships up in Port of Novorossiysk. Easy when you think of it.

You should take care to see what is bubbling up. The chatter. You are fucked. But Poot Poot is holding out to see how the American election is going.

Counting on Biden being a lame duck is idiocy. he does not call the shots. Never has. So planning around it is foolish. But Putin will and The Deluge will happen.

Anonymous said...


that is a real hoot skods.

The glorious Ukie assault of Krynky is Gone, bud. GONE

Adveeka, only a matter of time. It is a grinder that the Russians are stretching out to lure more ukies in so that the Russians can kill them.

The whole combat line is moving west and there is nothing the Ukies can do except throw a few missies at the Russians and watch ukie grandpa and uncle joe end up as potato fertilizer in some trench.

It's over skods. Zman will be living in one of his out of country villas by july.

Ukraine will be defeated.