Thursday, January 18, 2024

For The First Times Since The Start Of The War Russia Downs Drone Over St. Petersburg


Newsweek: Ukraine Drone Targets Putin's Home Region for the First Time 

A drone has targeted Russian President Vladimir Putin's home region, Leningrad, for the first time since full-scale war in Ukraine began, Russia said on Thursday. 

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that a drone was shot down over the Leningrad region overnight. 

Putin was born in Leningrad, which changed its name to St. Petersburg in 1991. However, the region, or oblast, around the city retains its Soviet-era name.  

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WNU editor: This Ukraine minister is saying the drone that was used to strike St. Petersburg has a 1,250km range .... Minister confirms Ukraine hit 'a target' near St Peterburg with homegrown drone (Kyiv Independent). 

For the First Times Since The Start Of The War Russia Downs Drone Over St. Petersburg  

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Anonymous said...

The damage done by one drone was worth the pother getting shot down.

Hit it again

Anonymous said...

good very good move u fools

Anonymous said...

its about time

Anonymous said...

i will get drunk tonight 4 u

Anonymous said...

Yep 957 you are right. Let's see, that only took about 2 years. Maybe in two more years they can do something even more impressive, That is if they are still around.

Bonne Chance

Anonymous said...

More impressive than destroying a sub ?.

Anonymous said...

The 2023 submarine landings in Odessa were thwarted.