Sunday, May 31, 2009

Commentaries, Opinions, And Editorials -- May 31, 2009

Meet The New, Government-Owned GM -- Forbes

Bankruptcy will force lots of changes on the automaker, putting bureaucrats in the driver's seat.

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- With General Motors poised to enter Chapter 11 reorganization, the question arises: What will the bankrupt company look like and how will it be different?

The answer to the second part is "a lot." The answer to the first is nobody knows for sure, but it may not be pretty.

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A military answer to North Korea? Not likely. -- Christian Science Monitor

North Korea and Diplomacy -- Wall Street Journal opinion

Loose cannon gives Obama a lesson -- The Australian opinion

Truce Or Consequences For N. Korea -- IBDeditorial

Is Aid Working in Africa? -- Real Clear World

The Disaster in Sri Lanka -- The Times editorial

Why It's So Hard to Close Gitmo -- Wall Street Journal

War against the West -- Clifford May, Washington Times

There's No Room for Partisanship on Iran -- Wall Street Journal

The Mother of All Myths (On The Middle East)
-- Michael Totten, Commentary

American capitalism gone with a whimper -- Pravda

A nation up for grabs -- Thomas Henriksen, Washington Times

Who Is to Blame for the Next Attack? -- Frank Rich, New York Times

A perpetual missile crisis -- Victor Hanson, Washington Times

Change in the Air in Iran -- David Ignatius, Washington Post opinion

The Trauma of 9/11 Is No Excuse -- Richard Clarke, Washington Post

Failure of make-nice diplomacy -- Oliver North. Washington Times

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