Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Al Qaeda Intent On WMD Attack Against Americans

Summary Of News Stories
Al Qaeda Tape to Call for Use of WMD -- ABC News
Al Qaeda Intent on WMD Attack Against Americans -- New York Sun
U.S. Intelligence Group Dismisses Report of Al-Qaeda WMD Tape -- Bloomberg
Video Urges Nuclear Jihad Against US (UPDATE: "Code" Threatens September 2008 Attack?) -- Jawa Report
Al-Qaeda Video Calls For Jihadist Nuke Attack -- Gateway Pundit
Media and Intel Community Caught by Apparent Al-Qaida Nuke Message "Prank" -- Counter Terrorism Blog

My Comment: They have the manpower, the will, and the money that will buy the resources to produce a WMD .... whether nuclear, biological, or chemical. What they lack is the expertise, a location to put such a weapon together (the tribal regions of Pakistan are not ideal nor do they have a compliant country), and the means to transport such a weapon to the target country.

Lets keep it that way.

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