Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today's Links -- May 28, 2008

President Bush compares today's wars with past wars.

Iran is playing hardball on nuclear issues with everyone. More here. But Ahmadinejad's rival is elected as speaker, but he still speaks the same language. Some in the West, including a U.S. Presidential candidate, have called for talks with the Iranian regime ..... Amir Taheri puts cold water on this idea.

Iraqi politicians are arguing and boycotting in Iraq while the Prime Minister is looking for money. Iraq's Triangle of Death is becoming peaceful. But keeping the peace is hard work.

The flow of Taliban and weapons from Pakistan to Afghanistan gets interrupted once in a while.

Israel and Hamas are exchanging fire, while Israel's P.M. is being told to step down.

In South Africa, refugee camps are now being set up, including near famous tourist spots. Is this a lull before the storm.

Sudan officials say that there will be no return to war, and talks are to return on Saturday. But things are different on the ground.

The Muslim insurrection in the South of Thailand is continuing.

Belgian woman wages war for Al Qaeda on the Web. Jawa Report has a list of Taliban websites here.

Conference accepts draft on cluster bombs ban. More here. Cluster bombs at a glance.

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