Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Favorite War Blogs

My list of favorite bloggers covering the world's wars and conflicts are many. A few of my favorites are the following:
Abu Aardvark
Abu Muqawama
Armchair Generalist
Belmont Club
Blogs Of War
Captain's Journal
Counter Terrorism Blog
Danger Room
Defense Tech
Gateway Pundit
Global Guerrillas
Global Incident Map
Global News Blog
Global Security
Haft Of The Spear
Homeland Security And Insight
In From The Cold
Information Dissemination
Insurgency Research Group
Intel Dump
Jihad Watch
Kings Of War
Long War Journal
Michael Yon -- this is my personal favorite. Reason .... he is there. This article sums up nicely why he is one of the top in his field.
Middle East And Central Asia Security Report: News And Views
Middle East Journal
Middle East Strategy At Harvard
Military Blog
Military Watch -- Baltimore Sun
Miserable Donuts
Missing Links
Mountain Runner
Mudville Gazette
National Security Review
New Wars
Nukes And Spooks
Small Wars Journal
Space War
Strategy And National Security Policy
Strategy Page
Talisman Gate
The Strategist
The Torch
War And Piece
War In Context

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