Friday, May 31, 2013

Why Supplying Weapons To The 'Right Side' In Syria Will Be Difficult


What John McCain Doesn’t Know -- Joe Klein, Time

Senator McCain made a well-publicized trip to Syria and may have posed with extremist kidnappers.

I don’t blame McCain for this. It’s hard to advance a trip into rebel territory. A few years ago, McCain made a well-publicized walk through a Baghdad market, didn’t get shot at, and pronounced major progress in Iraq afterward. A few weeks later, I made the same walk but actually spoke to the shopkeepers—all of whom were supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr, the Shi’ite militia leader.

The point is: We just don’t know these places well enough to go over and draw grand conclusions about policy. In a way, McCain’s trip is a perfect metaphor for the problem of involving ourselves with the Syrian rebels. We may be siding with the greater evil. We may be throwing fuel on a fire that could consume the region. Our track record when it comes to such things is dismal.

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My Comment: U.S. Sen. John McCain is insisting that supplying weapons to the right people in Syria is possible .... and morally right. But the above Time article does put into question if such a feat is possible .... and is that morally right. In all fairness the office of US Senator John McCain is disputing this Time article .... but even they are acknowledging that they are not sure of who it was that the Senator was posing with.

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