Monday, September 30, 2013

Al-Qaeda's Twitter Account Has Now Been Suspended

al-Qaeda's own Twitter account has been suspended

Terrorist Group Al-Qaeda's Twitter Account Has Been Suspended After Only Five Says -- Daily Mail

* The suspension comes less than a week after the account went live
* It also comes only hours after a media report saying Twitter refused to comment Saturday on why the account was still live
* Followers were mostly journalists and curious onlookers

Al-Qaeda's Twitter account has now been suspended.

After going live Tuesday under the guise of its Shamukh al-Islam website, the official website of the terror organization, the @shomokhalislam account was suspended Sunday after just under 50 tweets.

The account’s suspension came only hours after a report critical of Twitter remaining silent as to why it was allowed to remain online for so long

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My Comment: It was online for five days .... which was a surprised .... these accounts are usually suspended within hours.

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