Monday, September 30, 2013

Apparently The 'White Widow' Was Able To Escape The Kenyan Mall Massacre During The Confusion Of The Attack

'White Widow' Smeared Her Face In Blood To Flee --

Irish-born terrorist rented a unit in mall for months before attack that left 67 people dead.

THE Irish-born terror chief dubbed the 'White Widow' slipped out of the Kenyan shopping mall after smearing blood over her face, security sources in the country have exclusively told the Sunday Independent.

They also revealed how Samantha Lewthwaite, the Co Down-born widow of London suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay, rented a unit at the Westgate Shopping mall months ago, in preparation for last week's terror killing spree.

She hung up newspapers around the shop unit to conceal what was going on inside, pretending to be stocking up on goods.

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My Comment: I suspect that her days of freedom will not last long. On a side note .... the 'White Widow's' father .... a decorated British soldier .... is naturally ashamed of her actions.

Update: The ´White Widow´: The new face of terror -- Joe Shute, The Telegraph

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