Thursday, January 22, 2015

France Has 3,000 People With Jihadist List That They Must Monitor

Daily Mail: Four men charged with helping deli terrorist Coulibaly as French prime minister says the country has THREE THOUSAND people with jihadist links it needs to keep under surveillance

* Four from Paris suburbs have been charged with helping Amedy Coulibaly
* Self-style Isis 'warrior' Coulibaly killed four Jews in a Paris deli this month
* The arrests appear to confirm that the 32-year-old was part of a large cell

More News On France's Counter-Terrorism Measures

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PM Valls sets out sweeping measures to safeguard France from terror -- CNN
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CatholicDragoon said...

The smart ones( and thus dangerous) fled as soon as they saw footage of the standoff. These 4 were likely periphery members of secondary importance if they haven't made any movements yet.