Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weapons Laden Ship Believed Headed To Yemen Intercepted In The Arabian Sea By Saudi-led Coalition Forces

Weapons, said to be seized by Saudi-led coalition forces on an Iranian boat, are seen in this undated handout released by the media office of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. The vessel, seized on September 26, 2015, was carrying various types of shells and rockets and other equipment for Houthi forces, a coalition statement said. PHOTO: REUTERS

Wall Street Journal: Saudi Coalition Seizes Iranian Boat Carrying Weapons to Rebels in Yemen

The coalition says the boat was carrying 14 Iranians and was laden with missile launchers and antitank weapons

RIYADH—A Saudi Arabia-led military coalition that has been fighting Iran-supported rebels in Yemen said Wednesday that it had stopped an Iranian boat carrying arms to the war-torn country.

The boat carried 14 Iranians and was laden with missile launchers and anti-tank weapons, the coalition said in a statement, including firing guiding systems.

It was seized around 1pm local time Saturday, Sept. 26 in the Arabian Sea, about 150 miles southeast of the Omani port of Salalah. Oman shares a border with Yemen.

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James said...

Look for large "official" Iranian arms ships in the near future.

War News Updates Editor said...

A good point james.