Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Pentagon Wants To Pair-Up Unmanned Fighter Jets With F-35s When They Go Into Combat

An unmanned U.S. Air Force QF-16 aerial target drone. U.S. Air Force

Fortune: The Pentagon Wants Autonomous Fighter Jets to Join the F-35 in Combat

The pilotless aircraft could take to the skies before driverless vehicles hit the road.

The U.S. Air Force Research Lab is moving ahead with an initiative to turn aging F-16 fighter jets into unmanned, autonomous combat aircraft. The pilotless planes will fly alongside the newer aircraft like the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Speaking at a forum in Washington, Wednesday, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work said he expects to see the autonomous aircraft plying the skies alongside manned jets before driverless vehicles enter service on the ground. Work spoke specifically about U.S. Air Force efforts to create autonomous wingmen for its fighter pilots that gave new life to older planes imbued with autonomous piloting technologies and teamed with next-generation aircraft.

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Update: Pentagon touts "Loyal Wingman" for combat jets (Flight Global)

WNU Editor: There are a lot of planes in the US Air-force's Bone-yard to choose from.


Unknown said...

Don't forget the electronic countermeasures gentlemen. The US military always plans for the best and expects the

the objective voice said...

I assumed this was always the plan. 5th generation fighter jets will be the last generation that will be manned. The next step is stealth unmanned multi-role fighter bombers. Remotely and autonomous flown. 4th generation fighters are becoming modern air defense resource sponges. Only there for you to waste your missiles on, but if you miss, they can bring great destruction.