Sunday, April 30, 2017

Why China's Naval Expansion Should Worry India

J-15 fighter jets on the Liaoning aircraft carrier. © Kyodo

Mihir Sharma, Japan Times/ Bloomberg: Why Beijing’s more muscular naval force should worry India

NEW YORK – The launch of China’s second aircraft carrier is an important and depressing moment for India. The Type 001A — likely to be named the Shandong — will give China an edge for the first time in the carrier race with its Asian rival, a literal 2-to-1 advantage. After decommissioning the INS Viraat earlier this year, the Indian Navy is down to a single carrier, the INS Vikramaditya. Worse, the Shandong has been built at China’s own giant shipyard at Dalian; the Vikramaditya is merely a repurposed 1980s-era Russian carrier formerly known as the Admiral Gorshkov.

Even more telling than the raw numbers is what China’s progress says about India’s ability to provide security in its own backyard. Chinese naval strategists have open designs on the Indian Ocean. According to one, “China needs two carrier strike groups in the West Pacific Ocean and two in the Indian Ocean.”

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WNU Editor: In this "arms race" .... it looks like India is "losing".


Unknown said...

"Rich Country Strong Defense" - Chinese aphorism

India needs to get rid of discrimination.

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