Monday, April 30, 2018

Scores Killed Including 10 Journalists In Multiple Suicide Bombing Attacks In Afghanistan

Daily Mail: BBC reporter is 'shot dead' in Afghanistan and a group of journalists killed in a suicide blast in Kabul on a day of bloodshed that saw 11 children die in NATO convoy attack

* ISIS blasts in the central Shash Darak area of Kabul, Afghanistan, have killed at least 25 and left dozens injured
* A group of journalists had gathered to cover an initial attack, carried out by a suicide bomber on a motorbike
* But another suicide attacker, posing as a reporter among the journalists, then set off second deadly explosion
* An AFP photographer and several local journalists were among those killed in twin blasts claimed by ISIS
* Hours later 11 children were killed in a suicide attack on a foreign convoy in the southern province of Kandahar
* Meanwhile, BBC says one of its Afghan reporters, Ahmad Shah, has been killed in Khost province with a local official saying he was shot dead

A BBC reporter has been shot dead in Afghanistan on the same day that a group of journalists was killed in a bomb blast in the capital Kabul, it has emerged.

Afghan reporter Ahmad Shah, 29, was killed in an attack in the eastern Khost province on what has been the deadliest day for journalists in the country since the Taliban's fall in 2001.

Earlier in the day, AFP photographer Shah Marai and several local journalists were among those killed after a man pretending to be a reporter carried out a suicide attack in the capital Kabul.

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