Wednesday, October 31, 2018

As Millions Flee Venezuela, Latin American Meet To Coordinate Their Response To This Crisis

People wait in line overnight to apply for passports at the Administrative Service of Identification, Migration, and Foreigners in Caracas. Photographer: Manaure Quintero/Bloomberg

Bloomberg: Latin America in Fresh Crisis Talks as Millions Flee Venezuela

Latin American governments will meet Wednesday to coordinate their response to region’s largest-ever migration crisis as Venezuela’s economic collapse causes millions to flee.

Regional governments including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, met in Quito in September, where they pledged to help arrivals get permanent residence.

Speaking in Bogota on Tuesday, Colombia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Carlos Trujillo reiterated his government’s opposition to military intervention to overthrow the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. About 1 million Venezuelans are living in Colombia, according to a report last month by Human Rights Watch.

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WNU Editor: With the exception of  Venezuela and Bolivia, every major government in South America is now in sync with the Trump administration's view that Venezuela is the region's number one crisis.

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B.Poster said...

What?? They all hate Trump. Why would they be in sync with his administration??

I suppose national interest Trump ideology. No pun intended.

Trump isn't going anywhere and more likely than not IMHO America is about to have a massive "red wave" meaning more leaders will be coming to power who are in sync with Trump. These leaders know Venezuela is a problem and that they will need to work with Trump on this.

They should NOT expect the US to intervene militarily to solve their problem. They created it and they will need to solve it.

Anonymous said...

troll boy...this has nothing to do with Trump or the US..wait for the ripe time for pro-russkie babble

B.Poster said...

At no point is Russia mentioned here. Actually reading the pist,is helpful before commenting. Reading comprehension may be a problem for you.

Trump is mentioned because the editor mentions that the major governments in the region are in sync with his position on Venezuela. At first glance, this is shocking. They all generally hate him.

Being in sync with Trump is an example of realpolitik for these people. As Trump supporters gain more seats in the House and Senate, Trump has more power in the US. As such, expect more world leaders,to be "in sync" with Trump.

This must bother you. Perhaps this is why you insulted me with the troll slur.

I would suggest reading the main article the editor links to, read the editor comments, think carefully, and then post. When replying to someone, read what they posted carefully and then reply. If they post regularly, it's helpful to consider each post in the context of other posts,they have made. If you do This, you can add value to the discussion and you might actually learn something.