Monday, December 31, 2018

Chinese Has Set Up A Massive Communications Grid To Keep Long-Range Communications Open With Its Submarines

A US Navy chart showing various submarine communications options and their relative risk. The "bell" icon for VLF/ELF "stealth" transmissions reflects that these are one-way only "bell ringers" typically used to alert a submarine that it needs to find a safe place to get closer to the surface to receive additional information. USN

Warzone/The Drive: China's NYC-Sized 'Earthquake Warning System' Array Sounds More Like A Way To Talk To Submarines

With the largest submarine force on Earth, the Chinese increasingly need long-range communications options that don't require the boats to surface.

China has reportedly constructed a massive extremely low frequency, or ELF, antenna array the size of New York City, as well as a smaller system and associated data processing and signal transmission facilities at various locations throughout the country. Officially, the entire system, known as Project Wireless Electromagnetic Method or Project WEM, will support the Chinese resource extraction industry and provide early warning about potential earthquakes. However, there is significant evidence that its primary function may actually be to provide long-range communication with Chinese submarines, a critical capability to support its growing number of nuclear-armed ballistic missile boats.

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WNU Editor: China is thinking global.


Jac said...

Good for them, they are late compare to the West. This is a double edge sword: ELF can be intercepted by anyone.

Anonymous said...

US neighbor's Canada allowed China to place part of their underwater communications network close to a US Sub base in Alaska. Not certain why Canada allwed this.

Anonymous said...

"Not certain why Canada allowed this."

Stupid voters elect stupid politicians. We know Canada has their fair share of stupid voters, Brony Boys and worse.

Roger Smith said...

I wonder if we have tapped this system as we did the Soviet Union decades ago?