Friday, November 29, 2019

The Nazi Sub Sunk When The Captain Took A Dump

Image of the U-1206 via

J.D. Simkins, Military Times: This Nazi sub was sunk when its captain took a dump

One of the most spectacular, albeit minor, Allied victories of World War II had absolutely no Allied involvement whatsoever.

It came in the form of the Nazi submarine U-1206. The Type VIIC boat was a technological marvel armed with two anti-aircraft guns, five torpedo tubes, and most impressively, a complex toilet that could flush waste into the ocean from deep below the surface.

So complex was the sub’s plumbing apparatus that each crewman of the U-1206 needed to be specially potty trained on its operational capabilities prior to its April 1945 launch from Kristiansand, Norway — a matter of weeks before the war in Europe ended.

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WNU Editor: This is priceless.


Anonymous said...

Oh man this is just insane... RIP those 4 who died because of this insanity

Gadfly Speck said...

I think he should have taken better notes in training.