Monday, November 20, 2023

Is The Era Of Total U.S. Submarine Dominance Over China Ending?

Wall Street Journal: Era of Total U.S. Submarine Dominance Over China Is Ending 

New Chinese submarines and sensors to catch U.S. subs will alter the balance of power 

For decades, the U.S. hasn’t had to worry much about China’s submarines. They were noisy and easy to track. The Chinese military, meanwhile, struggled to detect America’s ultraquiet submarines. 

Now, China is narrowing one of the biggest gaps separating the U.S. and Chinese militaries as it makes advances in its submarine technology and undersea detection capabilities, with major implications for American military planning for a potential conflict over Taiwan. 

Early this year, China put to sea a nuclear-powered attack submarine with a pump-jet propulsion system instead of a propeller, satellite imagery showed. It was the first time noise-reducing technology used on the latest American submarines had been seen on a Chinese submarine. 

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WNU Editor: The U.S. still is ahead (see below). But time is on China's side.

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Anonymous said...

With more shipyards, without as many bribable politicians like Biden, and without DEI majors being taught by former English professors, sure the Chinese will win.