Thursday, January 18, 2024

Russia -Ukraine War -- News Updates January 18, 2024


CNN: Putin’s war must not become ‘frozen,’ Zelensky warns as Ukraine’s troops face shortages of weaponry and aid  

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a passionate plea to leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, urging them not to allow Russia’s war in Ukraine to become “frozen.” 

Speaking in person at the conference for the first time since Russia launched its full-scale invasion nearly two years ago, Zelensky said Ukraine had defied expectations in repelling Moscow’s forces for so long and that its allies “know what’s needed” to allow “progress on the ground,” which has been in short supply for many months. 

At the start of Zelensky’s address, which he delivered in English, he said he understood many in the audience would be asking difficult questions: “When will the war end? Is the third world war possible? Is it time to negotiate with Putin?”  

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Russia -Ukraine War -- News Updates January 18, 2024  

Ukraine war updates: Kremlin shares its view of Davos after being snubbed; Russia says Kyiv attacked Baltic oil terminal -- CNBC  

Russia-Ukraine war: Russia seizes village in eastern Donetsk, officials say; Ukraine claims drone strike in St Petersburg – as it happened -- The Guardian  

Ukraine war latest: Ukrainians told they must 'face being part of Russia'; Kyiv detains spy 'plotting environmental disaster' -- SKY News  

Russia mocks British efforts to support Ukraine; Blinken warns of ‘real problem’ if Kyiv gets no extra funding -- CNBC 

Blinken Assures Zelenskyy of 'Strong Enduring Support for Ukraine' -- VOA  

Biden adviser says US aid for Ukraine to get done in ‘coming weeks’ -- The Hill  

Ukraine launches drone strike on Russian city of Voronezh -- Euronews/AP  

Ukraine Situation Report: Drones Strike Russian City Of Voronezh -- The Warzone  

Russia intercepts 10 Ukrainian missiles over Belgorod region -- La Prensa  

Russian Troops Liberate Veseloye Settlement in Donetsk People's Republic - MoD -- Sputnik  

Russia Strikes Ukraine With Drones, Missiles in Overnight Attacks -- Moscow Times/AFP  

Strikes on mercenaries in Ukraine ‘painful for the West’ – Finnish editor -- RT  

Paris dismisses Russian claim of French 'mercenaries' in Ukraine -- France 24  

World not producing enough weapons to beat Russia – Zelensky -- RT  

Ukraine buys six French Caesar howitzers, France to supply missiles -- Reuters 

France ramps up weapons production for Ukraine and says Russia is scrutinizing the West’s mettle -- AP  

France to produce 78 Caesar howitzers for Ukraine in one year -- Ukrainska Pravda  

US, France to lead artillery coalition for Ukraine -- Defense News  

Russia now knows West cannot be trusted, says Lavrov -- TASS  

West worried Zelensky ‘getting out of control’ – Lavrov -- RT

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